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Diesel Engine Supplier from India
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RHTP - 35
RHDP - 21
Sprayer Supplier from India Sprayer Manufacturer from India
Rhino - 76 Triplex Plunger Power Sprayer suitable for Agricultural - Horticulture Complete with Suction line, Bye - Pass line - Delivery line having Heavy duty Adjustable Pattern Spray gun - Pressure relief valve. designed to opeerate at speed upto a maximum of 1000 rpm and discharge pressure upto 28kgf/cm2(400 psi).
Rhino - 76 Twin Plunger Duplex Power Sprayer suitable for Agriculture - Hotriculture complete with suction line, Bye pass - Delivery line having Heavy dutty Adjustable Pattern spray gun - pressure relief valve. Designed to operate at speeds up to 1000 rpm and discharge pressure upto 21 kgf/cm2(300 psi)
Mini Sprayer RMS - 1100 Back Pack Sprayer - BPR - 9000
Mini Sprayer Importer from India Back Pack Sprayer Trader from India
An ideal sprayer for domestic spraying and for Pest Control in Hotels, Hostels, Domestic gardens and Nurseries. Continous compression sprayer for Wettable insectisides and fungisides.
(1) All brass parts.
(2) Continous spray.
(3) Fine mist spray nozzle.
(4) working capacity 1 Ltr.
Back pack sprayers with tank blow moulded from high density polyethylene. Pressure chamber and Cylinder made of brass fitted outside the tank, develops sufficient pressure with less number of strokes. Simple mechanism and suitable for spraying on all types of crops.
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